Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Steroids In Golf is reporting that Gary Player knows of at least one golfer who has been on the juice. Player went on to estimate that 10 players from around the world are taking performance inhancing drugs (why just 10 Gary?). Quote of the day goes to Tiger Woods for this response to being asked if he would be surprised if a golfer tested positive for sterioids:

"If anything, probably out here it would be testing positive for maybe being hung over a little bit, but that's about it."

No sure if that comment was a slight at John "Booze Hound" Daly, although it is also unclear whether alcohol is considered a performance enhancing drug for golf (like it is for bowling). Phil Mickelson also down-played the likelihood of steriods in golf; however, Mickelson would be a prime suspect for the sauce, having gained a reported 200 pounds in recent years.